Monday, October 10, 2011


A true friend warms you
with his presence,
trusts you with her secrets
remembers you in her prayers !

being friends with you 
has added a bright 
spot to my life !

friendship is a
single soul
living in two bodies !

love is temporary..
but friends are forever..

a strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation,
 doesn't always need togetherness. 
As long as the relationship lives in the heart , 
true friends will never part.

a cheerful friend
is like a sunny day
spreading brightness
all around.

the friendship between me and you 
i will not compare to a chain
for that rains might rust,
or the falling tree
might break.

life is nothing without friendship !
I LOVE YOU friends !:)


Cik tikah said...

being grateful that you have friends :) love them taw. hehe..

ejulz said...

rindu nk lepak ramai2 ngan member2 sekolah..


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