Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ok fine

i'm going to smile like nothing wrong.
talk like everything perfects,
act like all a dream,
and pretend it's not hurting me..

sometimes it's still hurt when i think how happy i was!

my heart longs for you
my soul dies for you
my eyes cry for you
my empty arms reach out
 for you

what's better?
a lie that draws a smile?
the truth that draws a tear?


hayatul amira said...

hey akak ?
what's up ?
love problem :(

syamimi fatin said...

nape nih? be strong ok...

lynda said...

mslah cinta..huhu
btw thanxs..:)

Sepatu Hijau said...


sentiasa senyum walaupun pahit :)

lynda said...

yeahhh cik syira...btw thanxs..:)


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